The Viewing Angle Characteristics of VA Negative LCD

March 8, 2021

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LCD material has a double refractive effect, so the degree of polarization of light in all directions of liquid crystal material is different, which determines the viewing angle characteristics and contrast varies with the angle of view. Using a grating spectrometer to measure the electro-optical characteristics of negative performance under different voltages, and to measure the change of electro-optical characteristics with the viewing angle; And its three - base color electro - optical characteristics and perspective characteristics are analyzed. The results show that the passing rate of the three-base color is very small before the drive voltage of 2.2 V. After 2.2 V, the pass rate increases with the increase of voltage; Where the transmission rate of red and green base color is always rising, after the voltage reaches 5.0 V, it is flattened, while the transmission rate of blue base color is reached at about 3.7 V, and then slowly smaller, and then after the voltage reaches 6.0 V, close to a stable value. The viewing angle characteristics of negative tricolor: the perspective range of red base color is wide, the angle of view of green base color is second, and the angle of view of blue base color is narrow.



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