Techology of VA LCD Display

February 27, 2021

Latest company news about Techology of VA LCD Display

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LCD Display has TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, VA type lcd etc.


Today, let us to take you to explore the VA type of lcd display.


1. Normally, VA lcd is larger viewing angle than TN, HTN lcd, High contrast is its characteristic . To consider the product environment, product display effect when you choose LCD screen.


2. The most basic feature is high brightness, the high luminance value, the more bright of contents.

The high contrast, the more colorful saturation, and more stronger stereoscopic. Conversely, the contrast is low and the colors are barren, and the image becomes flat.


3. Compared to VA and TN type lcd screen, the contrast value is quite different. Meanwhile, lcd screen viewing range is also an important parameter: TN viewing range is small, the angle of view will gradually show unclear (it refers to the screen in front of the clear range can be seen ) . While the VA lcd is wide viewing range, no matter what angle of view to see the display screen, you can see very clearly;


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