How to choose Lcd

February 25, 2021

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Normally, LCD display is divided into three types:Transmissive,Transflective, reflective.


Transmissive type lcd as the name implies is transmittance high lcd display mode, which will be use LED backlight as the display background, the general use of white LED, daytime also need light which can be see the effect of display;


Transflective type lcd: the transmittance is not as obvious as ransmissive lcd, in the absence of backlighting with light reflection, it can also can be see clearly the contents of display, but at night, it needs to open backlight of LED;


Reflection type lcd does not need backlighting at all, only natural light is required. Of course, it unable to see clearly in the night as it has no backlight;


VA belongs to the transmission type lcd, because the display mode is negative with black background, it needs to use a backlight as well.



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